Friday, February 2, 2007

Hyde Street Studios, San Francisco

In November 2006 I flew out to San Francisco to record with my old friend, Steve McQuarry. He is an unbelievable keyboard player (seriously. straight ahead, fusion/funk/acoustic/synth. think Bud Powell meets Chick Corea) living in the Bay Area. Anyway, Steve called me early in the fall to discuss coming out to record at Hyde Street Studios in San Francisco. Hyde Street was the old Wally Heider Studio from the '60s. Everyone you can think of has recorded at this place: Hendrix, the Dead, Miles Davis, Herbie Hancock and the list goes on and on.

On 11.18 we went into the studios and recorded one of my songs, "You & Me", and one of Steve's, "Sliby". In addition to myself on guitar and vocals and Steve on Hammond B3, we had Sheryl Mebane on drums (great drummer, in the vein of Tony Williams) and Craig Broussard on bass (awesome bassist, can do it all). Recording always takes much longer than you think. The setup alone for the drums is wild. Mics everywhere, trying to get your sound just right.

What can I say? The results will be posted soon on the Jack Hadley Band MySpace page in the near future. Many thanks to Steve for putting the whole thing together and great playing, Sheryl and Craig for their inspired playing.

Photo: left to right: Gabriel Shepard (engineer), Craig Broussard (sleepy eyes!), Josh (engineer), Jack Hadley, Sheryl Mebane. Steve took the picture.

Steve McQuarry
Sheryl Mebane

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