Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Denver NOLA Benefit at Kokopelli's Feb. 16

Greetings -
I wanted to let you know about an upcoming event at Kokopelli's. The Colorado Alum Chapter of Americorps of Denver is hosting a Fundraising Show to benefit the ongoing Katrina Relief effort in New Orleans, LA. The Jack Hadley Band will be performing along with the Blues Planet Project. Here is the schedule: Blues Planet Project, 6-7:30pm, The Jack Hadley Band, 7:30-9pm. Kokopelli's is located at 2233 Larimer St., Denver. The date is Friday, February 16, 2007. A $10 donation will be accepted at the door. The band lineup for the Katrina Benefit is: Jack Hadley/guitar, vocals; Bryan Gordon/bass; Lee Brown/saxophone; Tony Black/drums (drummer extraordinaire from The Tony Black Summit).

It seems like Hurricane Katrina hit the Gulf States a long time ago. But the rebuilding effort continues in the South. Americorps has been doing a great job in New Orleans. They need your help! We are all Brothers & Sisters and if we can give somebody a hand shouldn't we do it? See you at Kokopelli's on Feb. 16th. Peace.

SAT. FEB. 17. The Jack Hadley Band will be appearing at Kokopelli's again Sat. Feb. 17th, 9pm -1am. Once again I am privileged to be playing with some of the best players in town. The Sat. night lineup is: Jack Hadley/guitar, vocals; Bryan Gordon/bass; Lee Brown/saxophone; Phil Weightman (from the Hazel Miller Band) on drums.

Monday, January 8, 2007

Why Are You A Musician?

You would think that all musicians would answer that question the same way. "Because I love music". Right? Wrong. I know musicians who claim they play music because they want to make money (Oh, yeah, and they're serious). Whenever I hear that statement I just shake my head. As far as I am concerned, there is only one answer. You are a musician because it makes you happy.

There is always a point on stage when you hit that sweet spot, whether it's you or somebody else in the band. And you smile to yourself or just laugh out loud. Because you know it's right. All the reasons that made you pick up your instrument in the first place (looking cool, getting out of the house, sex, drugs) don't make sense any more. Practicing, doing gigs all over town, all over the world, getting to the point where you know when, or if, it sounds good. You feel it in your soul. We are musicians because it makes us happy.

And if you really are playing music just to make money, please let the rest of us know so that we may avoid your presence. You might think you're a revolutionary, but it's only in your mind (insert your favorite sociopath here). Until the next time.